We offer Telehealth Services in West Virginia

Want professional nutrition services from the comfort of your own home via video conferencing?

We offer Telehealth services with no limits, you will get access receive equal treatment to what our in-office patients receive.

Get top-notch nutrition services and guidance from the comfort of your own home through telehealth.

What is TeleHealth?

For many of our patients, we understand that making a trip to the doctors office can be difficult, inconvenient, or sometimes impossible altogether. As a healthcare provider, our goal is to remove the barriers which may stand in the way of providing our clients with complete access to the care they need. To make things easier, we now offer a TeleHealth program that allows us to provide our patients with nutritional services from the comfort of their own homes.

TeleHealth is a virtual communication technology that is increasingly allowing doctors around the world to reimagine traditional doctor-patient visits. In 2018, seven million Americans used Telehealth technology. In 2012, that number was just 350,000. The reason this number has grown so dramatically in recent is because of the wide range of cost-effective benefits that virtual appointments provide to both providers and their patients.

The Benefits of TeleHealth:

Telehealth allows us to reimagine the patient-doctor interaction process in a way that is more efficient and effective than ever before. In fact, The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) reports that Telehealth is proven to improve the quality of healthcare, particularly in more rural settings where patients would typically have to travel long distances to receive care. With Telehealth, we are able to provide the same quality of healthcare to our patients as they would be receiving during in-person appointments, but without the time and resources that go into traveling to the office or to patients’ homes. For providers like us, this means greatly expanding access to care and being able to reach more patients with less time, energy, and resources. With a simple internet connection, we can now hold appointments over video conferences from the convenience of our office and our patients’ phones, laptops, or other digital devices.

Quality Assurance:

With Telehealth, we assure that the quality of our appointment services will be an equal match to what you would be receiving as a patient here in our office. The video chat services we use are of the highest quality and are capable of mirroring the in-person interactions we would be having during traditional in-person appointments.

Decreased Costs:

TeleHealth allows us to dramatically decrease the costs of appointments. Because online appointments allow us to cut down on time, energy, resources, we are able to offer prices for appointments that are more friendly for your budget.

Greater Flexibility:

As an added benefit, because of the greater flexibility that is made possible by online appointments, we will be more easily able to schedule both initial consultations as well as follow-up appointments that work with both our schedules and yours. This not only means that you will be able to schedule your initial consultation quicker, but also that if have any questions or concerns between scheduled appointments, you can feel more confident in reaching us when the need arises. This also means that you will not be waiting long periods of time to receive the results and interpretations of your tests.

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