Medical Nutrition Therapy in Virginia

The diagnosis of nutritional problems, nutritional therapy to help address and resolve these problems, and nutrition counseling for those who struggle to adhere to changes in eating patterns are all involved in medical nutrition therapy, or MNT. MNT is covered under most insurances (except WV Medicaid) and is dependent on the specified diagnosis billed for. Only Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) can bill insurance for medical nutrition therapy. 

Do you have Diabetes?

At SNSWV You will be tought and guided though how certain foods interact with the body to affect blood glucose levels, and we will develop a plan based on your individualized needs.

Creating a meal plan that progressively heals your body is not easy that is why we SNSWV is here for you.



Do you have problems with digestion? 

Have you even spent a good length of time discussing your issues and how your eating habits may be aggrevating your problem?

SNSWV is here to make sure all of your digestive issues are gone for good though testing and diet creation.


Renal disease takes considerable planing for optimal health.

Understanding Renal disease is hard but you are in good hands with SNSWV

Don’t worry we got you on this!


Did you know the way you eat has a profound impact on blood pressure levels? 

If you have high blood pressure we will design a diet that will stablize your blood pressure.

You will learn how to incorporate foods that help lower blood pressure in your healthy diet.


If you are an athlete you need to perform at your best

Here you’ll learn how nutrition plays an integral part of athletic performance and though food testing we will create a perfect diet for you.  


There are many different ways medical nutrition therapy can help your particular condition.

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