Meal Planning Services in West Virginia

Why choose meal planning?

Whether you are seeking to improve your overall health, lose weight, boost your athletic performance, or optimize your nutritional intake during a time of disease, meal planning is an easy and practical way to achieve all of your nutrition-oriented goals.

Have you ever noticed when you are under stress or you have had a long tiring day of work, it becomes more difficult to make healthful decisions? When all of your energy has been spent on daily activities and stresses, the natural tendency is to start making decisions that cater to instant gratification. When it comes to food and meal choices, this can look like choosing a quick take-out option or a microwave dinner instead of taking the time to create a well-prepared, nutritionally abundant meal.

However, there are a great number of options for preparing healthful meals or snacks that can be stored in your freezer or pantry for weeks or months at a time. This way, when you need a healthy, wholesome meal, but don’t have the time or energy to prepare it, it will already be prepared for you. Additionally, by setting a few hours aside at the beginning of each week, you will be able to eliminate the added time and energy it would normally take each day to prepare meals, clean dishes, etc . . . Ultimately, by planning and preparing your meals ahead of time, you can start creating an eating routine that is healthier and more sustainable.

This is where SNSWV comes in. With specialized knowledge and experience in the areas of health and nutrition, SNS will work with you to create an individualized meal plan that is grounded in the latest nutritional science and is aimed at fostering the long-term improvement of your health in the following areas: Nutritional Abundance and Satisfaction.

Each of our meal plans are individually tailored based on your needs to ensure that you are meeting all of your daily nutritional requirements, from macronutrients, micronutrients, to caloric balance. If you’re still in the process of learning about how different foods affect your body and what kind of diet is right for you, our practice is an excellent place to start becasue SNS offers genetic testing.

Overconsumption Avoidance: By working with you to determine the correct portions for your individual metabolism, we can help you to understand exactly how many calories you need to be consuming at each meal to fuel your body and maintain a healthy weight.

Budget management: Meal planning is an inherently budget-friendly way of eating. By buying ingredients whole and preparing them yourself, you cut the costs associated with restaurant services or the retail services that comes with packaged foods. Whatever your budgetary requirements, we can work with you to choose healthful items that are also affordable.

With our expertise in diet and nutrition, we can help guide you in creating recipes for yourself that are enjoyable, filling, and support your overall health and well being.

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