Get Tested for Food Intolerances in West Virginia.

Your Aggravating Symptoms May Be in the Food You Eat!

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Sound Nutrition Services will help you identify any food related intolerances that are making you miserable.

What is Pinnertest?

Pinnertest is the quick and easy finger prick blood test method to determine food sensitivities to over 200 foods!

It is a science-based exam that works with your body's immune system response to a food protein It is the most comprehensive test of its kind and can help identify foods that you may not be digesting properly and causing negative symptoms.

Pinnertest is easy to use, requiring one drop of blood from a finger during a visit at our office in West Virginia. It's similar to a finger-prick test for diabetes. Sound Nutrition Services delivers the test to you, mails the test kit, and receives your results at no additional effort to you, and the results are included with a follow up consultation visit in our Virginia location.

Why food allergy testing is important.

It is not only possible, but common for people to have food allergies but not even know about them. Many people suffer daily from food reactions, but struggle to figure out what could be causing those reactions. The following are common symptoms that are associated with food allergies.

Weight Gain – Sensitivities to different foods can prevent your metabolism from functioning efficiently, causing it to slow down, for you to gain extra weight, and potentially for your body to have less Serotonin than is normal, leading to cravings for carbs and sugar.

Tiredness or Chronic Fatigue – If you’ve been experiencing tiredness or chronic fatigue, but you’ve been sleeping enough and well through the night, it could be due to food sensitivities, inflammation, and increased levels of CRP.

Migraines and Aches – If you’ve been experiencing symptoms like migraines or aches in your body, it could be due to food-sensitivity induced inflammation.

Bloating and Edema – Bloating and Edema are common experiences that cause discomfort and prevent you from feeling your best. An inflamed stomach is one of the most common symptoms of food sensitivity.

Joint pain – If you have been experiencing symptoms related to arthritis or general joint pain, it may be due to an increased amount of IgG antibodies causing inflammation in your joints.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – If you’ve been experiencing irritability in your bowels, it could be because of a food sensitivity.

Skin Problems – Skin problems like acne and eczema can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know the source of the problem. It’s common for food sensitivities to contribute to skin problems like acne and eczema. However, these symptoms alone are not enough to diagnose a food allergy. Reactions to food often take hours or days to appear, making it difficult to determine exactly which foods were eaten in the time in between that could be causing negative symptoms.

How Do Food Allergies Work?

When a person has a food sensitivity, their digestive system is failing to digest those foods. As a result, partially digested foods make their way into the bloodstream and are attacked by the immune system, causing inflammation in the body and other negative symptoms for the patient.

How Does a Food Allergy Test Work? How Can it Help?

Luckily, there is a solution developed by a company called Pinnertest. With the use of a simple finger prick blood test method, patients can determine if they have a food sensitivity to over 200 different foods. The test itself is based in science, helping to determine from which foods you may be experiencing negative symptoms by testing your body’s immune response to specific proteins found in those foods.

The finger prick blood prick test is simple and easy to use. After ordering and receiving your kit, you will perform the test, then send it back to the lab. Within 7-10 days, you will have your results. With our extensive expertise in dietetics and nutrition, our practice will then be able to have a more informed conversation with you about your food consumption choices and discuss ways that you can avoid foods that you have intolerances to. By avoiding foods from your diet that you have intolerances to, you will be able to better digest the food that you eat, feel better, and easily maintain your overall health and well-being long-term

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